Bobcat chilling with her babies in the wild
by love Kitty
An odd couple - love in a dog shelter
by Truck house
Oscar for me was love at first sight. There was just something about him, no idea why, but he has been one of my favorite boys at the shelter. He is the love of life, happy, sweet, tender and always ready to follow, play, have fun. He just loves life, he loves living, he enjoys the little things, he enjoys everything. As usual, he was rescued, he recovered, I did a video with his story and waited. And I am still waiting, more than a year and a half later. Maybe he is just unlucky, maybe his fami...
BEST DOG videos you've EVER SEEN - Funny DOG videos
by Kent Rhodes
Dogs are amazing! They are so funny, no wonder that they're called our best friends! Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos! . WANT TO SEE YOUR KID, FRIEND OR PET IN OUR COMPILATIONS?. Copyright issue? Send us a message and we'll get it resolved. The content in this compilation is licensed and used with authorization of the rights holder. MUSIC USED:. Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3. 0.
How are The American Bully Breeds temperment? Can they horse play or compete without fighting?
by Eugene Ryan
Here at Royal Kennels our dogs are trained to socialize with other dogs and animal. They are very alert, yet humble and remain in control of themselves. Here are ways we work with them to get them where they are today. Here at Royal Kennels our goal in breeding American Bullies are to bring the very best out of the bloodlines we deal with and build our own bloodline that separates us from the rest. Our Bullies have extreme heavy bone structure on short, compact frames. It is very important to us...
Kaladin's Service Dog Tasks
by Jesse Jassica
Task work my boy has been working on. He's doing amazing! .
Goat Village Find Successful and Cute Baby Goat - Goats hit each other - Angry Shape
by Cute sweet BoB
Goat Village Find Successful and Cute Baby Goat. Animal Goat Compilation Video Funny Goat 2018. ------------------------------------------. Angry Shape is the zone with funny, cute, interesting compilations. Also funny or interesting videos of what's trending. Enjoy! . Please Subscribe Get More Videos. Thank you! . Click Link Videos More.
Giant Anaconda attacks
by Eight shaking
Extremely Funny License Plate Compilation
by Mad Max
This is a collection of hilarious License Plates from around the United States of America.
Everybody gets along... until they don't. Squirrel slaps rabbit
by Paf kate
We love having nature right outside our door and when we saw the squirrel and rabbit sharing food I was all like "look it is like the lion and the lamb laying down together. aww heaven" Well until the squirrel took on some attitude. They even use grain to feed to production rabbits due to the weight gain. Wild rabbits will eat birdseed and other grains, especially in winter because it is a "hot" food. Meaning that they get a lot more energy out of it. Birdseed and other grains do not kill nor ha...
Why Sweetpea is is spoiled boy monkey? Spoil Needs Assistance Youlike Monkey 1995
by Wilbert Sullivan
Why Sweetpea is is spoiled boy monkey? Spoil Needs Assistance Youlike Monkey. Thanks for watching my videos. Please Leave comments here and don't forget to shared, Liked and subscribed to your friends! . Have a nice day!
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